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So lets be honest here, who goes to work stoned? Or gone in the past? I've been to work hung over and burnt out, but not ripped. I'm debating going stoned to work rn, but I don't think it would be too fun with the crowds.

P.s Happy Easter! Any plans for the long weekend?

Fave take out/delivery options?
peer pressure wilfred
What kinda food do ya'll tend to eat when you're blazin and have the money to get take out/delivery?

My go to used to be chicken nachos or tortilla chips and guacamole from this amazing place nearby; but lately I've been trying to be healthier, so I've been eating more stuff from my fridge like greek yogurt and fruit. Frozen grapes are a godsend. 

What kind of glass do you own?
willhelmina slater
This place got real dead real fast. :( Anyway, I own a 2 foot bong and 3 bowls myself (although idk where one of them is and I never use the other one) and one of my roommates has one too that we always use along with my main one. I almost never use the bong either. My favorite bowl is called Muffin Man. Everyone loves it.

willhelmina slater
Buying a gram when you really want an eighth sucks. Fuck this groceries, art supply and rent shit. I want all the weed I can get.

we need  "too stoned didnt read" and "too high abandoning post" gifs

(no subject)
oui, marie
what kind of rolling papers/dutchies/joints/etc do you use? plz include a picture!

Polar Bear (Lightning)

idk what to do with this place just yet, but we can figure that out later.  hi, guys! :)

ICEBREAKER:  What is your preferred way to get high?

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